Goddess Worship

one needs guidance by and under Goddess to reach ultimate surrender of self.  Devotion to Goddess is the truth most seek but are unconscious to this. Surrender must happen to become whole. Goddess has regiment processes of cleansing and undoing of harmful learned behaviors and limiting self-beliefs. Goddess brings devotee back to their truth on path of surrender.  This process can take years, a lifelong journey.   Since devotee finds this path of Goddess worship at different points in life, it is unique to each. Goddess guides each devotee with strict love and care. devotee gives their self in hopes to gain understanding that true surrender for Goddess is the only truth.

This can happen as follows.

~Instant devotional offering~

These offerings show your yearning for surrender and gratitude of Goddess.  The greater the offering the better outcome in gaining truth.

Goddess Worship

Offering to Goddess


Goddess Worship $100

Offering to Goddess


Goddess Worship $500

Offering to Goddess


Goddess Worship $1000

Goddess Offering



~Devotional worship~

Fill out this form to state who you are and why now you would like to begin surrender. Goddess only replies to those who are serious and can offer Her boundless devotion and pleasure.

Some elements of devotional worship are cleansing ceremonies, pray service, Goddess strict holy teachings and lavish outings to adorn Goddess.